Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day trip and visit to The Hill School

Last weekend I travelled to Middleburg, Virginia to visit The Hill School during their spring book fair to talk about writing and my book, BORN TO FLY.

Along the way I was passing a cemetery with civil war headstones and though I was running late, I couldn't help but stop and pay my respects on our nation's Memorial Day holiday.

I enjoyed these cozy accomodations...

...and had a great visit at the beautiful Hill School.

The students had great questions and were so enthusiastic.

They made this great display for my visit and the 6th grade even read me some of their stories which were very imaginative and fun.

The 5th graders in Mr. Daum's class had recently done storyboard posters for book reports.

Two of the students had even made poster storyboards for Born to Fly!
It was great to hear all the nice things they had to say about the story.

Here I am with Jack Tyler and Taylor Justice and their poster storyboards.

It was very cool to see their visualizations of the story.

Like a page from a giant comic book version of my book!

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