Thursday, July 16, 2009

Books or no books?

So I go into the bookstore and don't see my book anywhere.  But this time I talk to the manager, Earl. He says the computer says 6 copies came in.  And one has already been sold.  He says he thinks they put them out front on the table with all the Highlights Foundation faculty books.  I look around the table.  Nothing.

But wait!  one of the shoppers had placed her picture books on top of my book.  There it is.  
Ta da!  Five copies in a real store.  

I asked a fellow writer, Linda Tomblin to take the picture of me.  (I forgot to take off my glasses and it's a little blurry, but it documented the moment).

Later I wrote up 20 questions for a goofy interview of fellow first time Delacorte publish alum Marilyn Taylor McDowell, writer of the well-reviewed novel Carolina Harmony that just came out in March.  We met the day before and she is the most genuine person, and gave me some great tips and advice.  I'll post the interview as a podcast (if I can figure out how to do it).  
Here I am with Marilyn.

At dinner I got to talk quite a bit with Eileen Spinelli which was quite a thrill.  She recommended I see Man on Wire at the local theatre.  After dinner, Cirque du Soleil was in the amphitheater.  I watched a little of that but had seen it several times over the years, so I took Eileen's advice and went to see MAN ON WIRE which was exhilerating and bittersweet.

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