Friday, July 31, 2009

Born to Fly Book Launch

I know it was kind of backwards, but due to the fact I was in NY when my book came out, my book launch party wasn't scheduled 'til two weeks later. Then the bookseller for the party asked to have a signing at the store and so I ended up having a signing first, and the launch party 2nd.

Anyway, it all went well. My mom with the help of my wife, organized the whole shindig and my godfather my uncle mikey was kind enough to host it at party room in the development where he lives.

Mom and my wife Pattie got the food, flowers, decorated the tables with a WWII aviation theme and it was just great. Thanks to my cousins Lisa and Christine and their families helping set up everything, we started on time.

I had matching Born to Fly shirts printed up for my family which I thought were gonna be corny but turned out pretty cool. I used the defunct original book cover art since I didn't have a textless artwork file of the new cover and I wanted to put the title on the back of the shirt.

The bookseller from Barnes and Noble arrived and what do you know but she turns out to be my high school librarian from years ago. The world grows, but as you age it just keeps getting smaller.

A number of old friends showed up and I was hoping to talk with them, but I ended up signing books, pretty much straight through for 3 hours. Barnes and Noble said we sold 83 books which they said was good. What do I know?

Next week it's off to Indiana for another book party and book signing in Carmel/Westfield.

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